Items for the Listserv

If you would like to send something to everyone on CFM’s email list, submit to

Upon submission, you will receive an automatically-generated message from the mailing list service ( notifying you that your message is awaiting approval by one of the Meeting’s Co-Clerks. You won’t receive notification when your message has been sent to the list, and as the person who sent the message, you won’t receive it in your inbox. Any replies to your message, however, will be sent directly to the email address you used when submitting the message.

Newsletter Submissions


If you would like to suggest a change to the CFM website, first take the idea to the appropriate committee for seasoning and approval of the language. Once the change has been approved, the clerk of the committee may submit the change using these guidelines:

  • Send requests to
  • Put “Please post” in the subject line of your email to help to make sure I won’t miss your request.
  • Include the suggested text to be added or changed directly in the body of the email, rather than pointing to text that is elsewhere. 
  • If sharing documents to be uploaded, please send as .PDF files if possible.
  • Make sure to include permission to view any documents you send.
  • Changes to the website will typically be made on weekends. If something is urgent and can’t wait, please write “URGENT-please post” in the subject line.