Statement of Respect and Responsibility

Statement of Respect and REsponsibility

Because some of the people who attend our meeting are very vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus, we ask that you consider our zoom option instead of attending Meeting in person if any of the following are applicable:

1. The Meeting House Environmental Requirements are not suitable to your needs. (See next section)
2. You have symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath or loss of smell or taste.
3. You have not worn a mask in situations that place you at high risk (including public markets and buildings) in the last ten days.
4. You have been exposed to covid 19 in the last 10 days and do not have a recent negative test.

Meeting House Environmental Requirements

1. N95/Approved KN95/Approved K95 masks are appropriately worn by everyone. Note: Individuals with beards require special attention for effective mask use.
2. Social Distancing of 6 feet with family/close associates provisions
3. Maximum Occupancy: 35 people
4. Proper airflow management based on seasons. If HEPA filters are used, no open windows, doors, or fireplace flue.
5. No singing/hugging/shaking hands in the meeting house. Those individuals called to speak may not remove their masks.
6. Signage present outside about symptom review and caveats (“Respect and Responsibility”), with hand sanitizer in the foyer