Meetinghouse Rental

The Meetinghouse is nestled in the woods in the Celo Community 5 miles south of Hwy 19E off Hwy 80 South.  It is a beautiful timber frame building surrounded by nature.  With a soaring ceiling, hardwood floor, and a large stone fireplace, the Meetinghouse is an inviting space.  There is an abundance of natural light from a clerestory and the window wall that adjoins the porch.  In good weather, the glass wall opens to the covered porch merging the interior to its natural surrounds.  It is ideal for weddings and family celebrations.

Facility Overview

The Meetinghouse has movable pews that seat 84 inside the building and 17 outside on the porch.  Folding chairs with protective pads on the legs can be rented to supplement seating.  With the rental of additional chairs, up to 100 may be seated inside and 28 outside during warmer weather.  Maximum seating should not exceed 125. With large crowds an usher can assist in using the space more efficiently.

The building is heated by radiant floor heating and a fireplace. In the coldest months, the heat must be turned on well ahead of time.

There is accessible parking close to the Meetinghouse wih a disability accessible ramp. Service animals are permitted, but please leave pets at home.  There is an assisted listening sound system for the hard of hearing.  Use of the listening system requires a trained individual throughout the event.  

There is one unisex restroom in the adjacent building, Margithaus, and an outhouse available nearby.  The Margithaus restroom can handle up to 50 people for a 2 – 3 hour event.  For groups larger than 50 people, or for events that last longer, a porta-potty must be rented.  Meetinghouse rental includes access to the restroom in Margithaus, but not other areas of the building.

Guidelines for Use of the Meetinghouse

  • Use free-standing decorations
  • Tape, staples, tacks, etc. are not permitted on surfaces
  • Alcohol is not permitted on CFM grounds
  • Drink and food are not permitted
  • Smoking is not allowed in any CFM buildings

Events are assigned a liaison from the Meeting to facilitate the use of the buildings and to supervise preparation and clean up.  However, those renting the Meetinghouse are expected to leave the building clean and ready for use. Decorations and trash should be removed, furniture in place, floor swept, etc.


The rental fee for the Meetinghouse is $150. This includes the use of the Meetinghouse and the restroom in Margithaus. Seventy-five dollars of the rental fee is paid to the liaison. Friends whose wedding is under the care of Celo Friends Meeting are asked to make a donation in addition to paying $75 for the liaison service. A $75 deposit is required when reserving the space.

The Margithaus Fellowship Room may be rented, in addition to the Meetinghouse, for an extra $75.  Arrangements must be made ahead of time if space other than the Meetinghouse is desired.

Next Steps for Booking

A request to use the Celo Friends Meetinghouse should be directed to the Clerk of the Ministry and Care Committee via