Friendly 8’s

Friendly 8s Worship-Sharing Groups

In Spring 2020, as Friends began to stay at home due to the pandemic, the Adult Religious Education Committee (ARE) organized Friendly 8s worship-sharing groups, which have been meeting regularly since then to support community and faith-sharing among members and attenders. 

Currently about 25 members and attenders participate in three groups, meeting by Zoom, with rotating facilitators and queries.  Many participants have expressed appreciation for the support they have received.  As one member said, “I LOVE my F8 and hope that others will find community in one if they haven’t already.” 

ARE is now inviting other members and attenders to participate in a Friendly 8s group.  If you would like to become part of a new Friendly 8s group, please email the ARE clerk at  if there is sufficient interest, ARE will support forming a new group or groups.